Basically, there are two ways to use AYAB in your machine: The AYAB shield and the AYAB interface. Both are fully reversible as they are just substituting the original mainboard of the knitting machine.

The difference between AYAB Shield and AYAB Interface

AYAB Interface

Luckily, the folks at Evil Mad Scientists spent some effort and redesigned the AYAB shield so it integrates both the the Arduino and the hardware on the shield to a board which fits perfectly into the knitting machine.

AYAB Shield

The AYAB shield was developed at the very beginning of the AYAB project and is a simple Arduino shield. Over the years, it was improved further and further, and so it happens that there are several shield versions in the wild. Sadly, it is not possible to integrate the Arduino and the Shield seamlessly into the machine, so it has to stay without the original cover or the cover has to be modded.

Where can I get one?

Build it yourself!

Both the AYAB Shield and the AYAB Interface are Open Hardware. Here you can find all necessary information you need (Layout, Schematics, BOM, …):

Buy it!

AYAB Interface

For people which are not into PCB manufacturing and soldering, you can order the AYAB Interface e.g. at WoollyLogicKnits on Etsy (AYAB Interface).

AYAB Shield

The AYAB Shield is no longer sold directly by us, but there are some people manufacturing and selling them out there. Please double check the Shield version you are buying, so you don’t get an old one. The latest version released by us is “1.4TH”:

And what about the Software?

The software is here!