Thanks to OpenSource hardware, the AYAB-Shield was adapted and further developed by the well-known Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories in the USA. This has resulted in the new AYAB-Interface.

All Hardware Details and the BOM can be found on Github.

The AYAB-Interface has some new features compared to the AYAB-Shield:

  • Integrated controller - NO Arduino is needed anymore
  • External plug-in power supply for the machine supply - This also allows machines with defective capacitor / power supply or Japanese 110V machines to be used without modifications.
  • Flat design - The flat design allows the Interface to be fully integrated into the machine without milling holes in the housing.

For hardware installation, please refer to these instructions.

In addition, a stable metal cover may be available from mid 2017.

This gives the construction a high value and has less “basic character”.

Of course, the AYAB interface also remains under an OpenSource license, the case will also be available for 3D printing.

Furthermore, the AYAB interface is 100% software compatible with the AYAB-Shield. No software change is necessary and the functionality is the same for both versions.

In addition, a new section was introduced specifically for the support of the new hardware in the EMSL-Forum